North Coast Academy of Sport (NCAS) is conducting a forum for all stakeholders on May 10 at the Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre at Lennox Head with a view to establishing an Athlete with a Disability (AWD) Program on the North Coast.

The Forum will run from 11am until 3pm.

NCAS says it has been approached by athletes and parents/carers seeking a program for disabled athletes who aspire to higher representation.

With assistance from NSW Sport and Recreation NCAS has now indentified the need for such a program within the region.

The scope of the proposed program is to enhance disability sports development pathways by delivering a generic program aimed at improving the performance and knowledge of talented disabled athletes.

“With support and endorsement from the Australian Paralympic Committee and NSW Sport and Recreation this program will provide talented local athletes with regional access to specialist coaches, training and equipment,” NCAS said.

“NCAS is proposing a program where three weekend camps will be delivered during the second half of 2008.

“Two of these camps will provide athletes with access to specialist coaches, consultants, guest speakers, training facilities, etc.

“The program will also include a RACE weekend in late November. At the RACE weekend modules will be delivered to athletes and coaches including: Sports Nutrition, Classification, Sports Physiology, Sports Psychology, Drugs Awareness and Core Strength & Conditioning.

“The forum for all stakeholders — athletes, coaches, parents, carers and associations will be held on Saturday 10 May 2008 at Lake Ainsworth. A Program Management Committee will be appointed on the day to decide on an application process and selection criteria for the athletes.

“NCAS is willing to discuss the delivery of the program and will consider areas for inclusion in the program.”

NCAS hope that the following outcomes could be delivered at the forum:

  • Determine the scope and relevance of the AWD program
  • Select an application process
  • Set selection criteria for athletes
  • Appoint a selection panel
  • Confirm Funding/Sponsorship
  • Coach and Athlete education
  • Set dates for the camps.

A light lunch will be provided to attendees.

To register for the forum and for all inquiries phone the NCAS office on 02-6620 3073.