Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there’s a few nice whiting in North Creek and the main river up to Pimlico, with tube worms the flavour of the month.

A few flathead in the lower reaches as well.

Mud crabs are OK up the top of North Creek.

Some tailor around the headlands and walls late arvo and early morning.

Beaches producing some whiting and flathead.

No mackerel at Ballina as yet but a few snapper have been coming from the 32- and 48-fathom reefs, along with pearl perch.

Only dribs and drabs of mackerel from time to time off Evans Head although the water today (Friday) is a beautiful 26 degrees and quite clear.

Pity about the onshore easterly slop and the crappy bar, but when things settle down and the bait turns up there might be a few mackerel. The odd snapper coming in.

The beaches have bream, flathead, whiting and some chopper tailor when there’s not too much wave action out wide.

Some bream, tailor and school jew from the rocks.

The Evans River is pretty quiet apart from the odd fair flathead.