Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there have been good numbers of bream from the lower river up to about Pimlico, with a reasonable number of flathead with them as well.

Whiting and blackfish are also around their usual haunts.

Quite a few mud crabs in Emigrant Creek and North Creek and working upstream as the water clears.

Tailor have been going quite well around the walls and beaches with some fish nudging 3kg and the average run about a kilo.

Quite a few boats got out earlier in the week and caught Spanish mackerel on the close reefs, and snapper and pearlies on the 32- and 48-fathom reefs. Weather looks like closing in a little today (Fri), though.

About 2m of swell along the beaches at Evans Head with some nice foamy gutters at low tide containing bream, whiting and the odd jewfish.

Water clearing up a little but still a bit murky.

Blackfish around the walls and some bream and the occasional flathead in the river.

I haven’t really heard much from those who have headed offshore but there should be some reasonable snapper in close after the rough weather.

Tony Zann