Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says the bream along the town reach are improving as the mullet run happens.

Quite a few flathead as well.

Blackfish are happening along the Porpoise Wall with a few at the Prospect Bridge approaches.

Some jewfish along the town reach from the police station to above the ferry.

Mud crabs moving up-river on the bigger tides.

Tailor of good size (4.3kg best this week) and plenty around 1-2kg are coming from most of the headlands and walls with Lennox Head Beach also turning up nice fish.

Nice pearlies to 4kg and some snapper out on the 32-fathom reef on Thursday, let’s see what the weather brings for the weekend.

At Evans Head there’s 20 knots of southerly kicking in just in time for the weekend, pity really because there have been a few nice reds on the close reefs with some kings as well but only the very occasional spotted mackerel.

Also grassy sweetlip and red-throats on the reefs, so the water is warm – where are the mackerel?

Good pearlies out wider and the bar has been fine during the week in the light winds.

Beaches and headlands have a few bream but pretty disappointing really, with the moon where it is.

Bream and the odd quality whiting in the river and a few blackfish around the walls.

Tony Zann