Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there are a few bream and flathead through the bottom reaches of the river and making their way upstream to Wardell and beyond.

Blackfish are going particularly well in all the usual haunts, the Porpoise Wall, Prospect Bridge over North Creek and around Missingham bridge and Bruce finally has a little weed to sell.

Quite a few tailor around the local beaches with better schools up north of the bar, where the baitfish are more prolific. Salmon also entering the scenario now.

Good snapper on the close reefs but the wider you go, the more leatherjackets come into the equation.

The jackets are also off Evans Head but if you can avoid them there are some nice pearlies out wide, and in closer the snapper seem to have picked up a little.

Water inshore is clearing quickly so concentrate on the shallows early and late and head out towards the jackets as it gets brighter.

The beaches have plenty of good formations and are producing mainly bream, with not much in the way of baitfish or tailor.

The odd patch of salmon moving through – let’s hope they keep moving!

Bream and flathead in the river with the odd horse of a whiting.

On the Clarence, Paul Kneller at Big River Bait and Tackle, Maclean, reports bream are right through to Lawrence now with a little red spot disease on them but they’re getting better all the time as the clean water improves every day.

Flathead on the flats pretty much everywhere, Back Channel, the Mororo, in front of the mill and up the South Arm in the shallows.

Bass remain in good numbers through the closed season. Blackfish around around the channels, Oyster, Romiaka, the T-Piece.

Offshore has been a bit sporadic, find clean water and you’ll do OK.

Conditions good with kings and samson out wide and plenty of middling snapper in close, although a few good ones around to 9.85kg.

Tony Zann