Bruce from Dave’s Bait Shop says a few nice bream are kicking around the lower river and pushing upstream to Wardell, also a few flathead in the shallows up to Wardell.

The main action has been the bream in the washes around the walls and headlands, with some tailor as well.

Tailor also off the beaches and headlands. Some jew have been spun up around the walls and also moving into the lower estuary.

There have been fish out wide but no one will be getting to them this weekend with the forecast of a low to form off the southern Queensland coast and hammer us with rain and wind.

Wind already backing and veering at Evans Head with gusts to 25 knots anywhere from ESE to SSE mid-morning Friday and plenty worse tipped to come over the weekend.

The mackerel are no doubt using this to head north and catches have dropped to zero this week although there were a few snapper and trag about earlier in the week.

Some scattered jewfish around the headland but only the walls are likely to be fishable later in the weekend as the seas build.

There should be some blackfish seeking shelter around the walls along with some decent bream, there were some reasonable fish up the beach before the seas built up.

The river should hold some nice bream along with plenty of little spiky flathead.

Tony Zann