Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there are still some reasonable bream in the lower river but it’s the flathead that are the big improvers, with better numbers day by day along the Porpoise Wall, up past the ferry and around Pimlico.

There are also a few whiting starting to take worm baits in the lower river and North Creek.

Blackfish have been reasonably good in all the usual haunts, especially around Prospect Bridge over North Creek and along the Porpoise Wall. There have been some bag limits achieved and Bruce now has plenty of weed.

A few little school jew around Pimlico Island and up around Wardell.

Plenty of tailor and a few salmon from the beaches.

Outside has been fishing quite well, with the wider grounds probably better than in close. Jackets are patchy so you can get away from them if you wish.

At Evans Head the water is as clear as it has been for almost a year, with some bait schools around the walls and headlands and occasionally along the beaches.

Plenty of dart, some quality bream and the odd nice whiting along the beaches, blackfish around the walls early and late in the day but they’re very twitchy once the sun gets going.

Just the odd tailor from the beaches with a few more around the rocks.

Some reasonable catches of reds and the odd fair lump of a pearlie outside and the bar has been good all week.

Whiting and flathead in the river.

Tony Zann Zann