Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there’s full colour in the river and a little flush pushing down after the rain earlier in the week.

All the bream, whiting and blackfish are now down around the walls, with quite a few nice catches there on the rising tide.

Heaps of mud crabs around in North Creek and a few in Emigrant Creek, the rain stirring them from their holes.

The close beaches should fish really well over the weekend for bream and whiting.

There have been good schools of tailor up around Lennox head, at South Ballina and up at Tyagarah for the Cabarita Greenback comp this weekend.

A few bream and dart with the odd flathead and whiting on the beaches as well.

Snapper and pearlies have been on the wide reefs since the blow and there are a few squire on the close reefs for those throwing plastics.

At Evans Head, under 2m of swell and bugger-all wind on Friday around noon but more crap weather forecast for the weekend.

A good few boats offshore today but no one has come back yet with much.

Not many people fishing the beaches or headlands earlier in the week, with just a few bream caught up the beach and some reasonable hauls of blackfish from the walls.

River has some nice bream and some fair flathead have been flushed down by the rain.

Busy with mag production so haven’t had time to find out more.

Tony Zann