Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says the lower end of the river has whiting and a few decent flathead along the Porpoise Wall, with most of the fish from Pimlico to Wardell.

Quite a few school jew as well as those whiting and flathead.

Mud crabs good in Emigrant Creek and up around Broadwater.

Beaches have been OK for whiting and dart with some tailor at night.

Warm current has produced mahi mahi at the FAD and snapper and pearlies on the wider grounds.

The inshore grounds at Evans Head fired up earlier in the week when a finger of warm water came in, stirring the snapper and trag and agitating a few rat kings around Kahors and the South Reef.

Then the northerlies swept back in and most of the decent action went wider again.

A few bream and school jew up near the Broadwater rocks with whiting, dart and a few flathead from Airforce down to Main beaches.

The river has patches of good whiting all the way to the golf course with the odd reasonable flathead, patches of bream in the shady, deeper water and the usual plethora of crab traps around the golf course.