Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says quite a few bream are in the lower reaches and the size is improving a little, with gut and flesh baits working best.

Water clearing on the high tide.

A few flatties in the shallower spots warming themselves in the sun.

Blackfish fairly good but weed supply is still a huge problem and most catches have been on cabbage and black weed.

A few tailor and salmon around the beaches and headlands but the best bet has been jewies, with quite a few caught on hardbodies and soft plastics from the walls and headlands.

Not many reports from outside but there should be snapper on the close reefs and pearlies and mixed reefies out wider.

Not much swell on the bar at Evans but the horizon looks like a saw blade and there’s about 2m cracking on the outer banks up the beach at low tide.

Some mullet in the holes towards Salty Lakes and a few bream and flathead with the occasional school jew and better at night on the bigger tide.
A few blackfish around the walls and the odd bream in the river with some good flathead and the occasional whiting.

The closer reefs offshore have been the only ones that are fishable in the westerlies and there have been some nice snapper and the odd patch of decent trag, along with the occasional hit of jewfish.

Tony Zann