Mandy from Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says the flatties are still going quite well in the river up to Wardell and the bream are coming on in the lower river around the rock walls in the Town Reach.

Crabs are getting a bit scarcer up the creeks but there are still a few.

Mackerel are still the flavour of the month outside, with Riordans and Lennox Point going well, while there have been some snapper and pearlies on the wider reefs.

The odd nice tailor has been coming from the beaches and headlands, with some decent jewfish also being encountered around the schools of moving mullet.

A similar story at Evans Head, where most of the big beach tailor – to about 1m long – have been after dark on mullet strips or salted bonito.

Some improved bream numbers also in the surf now and there’s the chance of a decent jewie as well as the migrating mullet start to come through. Most of the ones that have been sitting in small schools in the shore-break for the past mont or more have moved on.

Those mackerel are still about but are a little more patchy, with the odd Spaniard taking pike, yellowtail or big slimy mackerel, while the spotties seem to be fixated on small slimies, although you might get a few on pillies in a berley trail.