Six rising football stars from the North Coast region have been selected from hundreds of junior players across Northern NSW to receive a McDonald’s Northern NSW Football Scholarship.

The players were presented with a cheque for $500 by local McDonald’s licensee, Scott Campbell, and Northern NSW Football to help further their training and development in the sport.

The scholarship winners are:

  • Danielle Creighton, Richmond Hill, aged 13.
  • Ruby Edwards, Clovass, 14.
  • Samuel Robson, Lennox Head, 14.
  • Shani Lauf, Federal, 17
  • Ryan Cole, Sapphire Beach, 13.
  • Tanya de Boer, Lismore Heights.

“We are so thrilled to award this scholarship to award the young and upcoming achievers,” said Scott Campbell.

“The group is an outstanding example of young players with a passion for football and we hope that this $500 will assist them with ongoing training, equipment and transport.

“The six winners have consistently displayed a passion for the game and dedication to training.

“I know that they have a bright sporting future ahead and this scholarship will certainly help them along the way.”

David Smith, Football Manager for Northern NSW, said: “With the help of McDonald’s Northern NSW, we have been able to develop and grow junior football at grassroots level and encourage more children to lead a balanced and active lifestyle.

McDonald’s and Northern NSW football scholarships have helped over 80 junior players realise their sporting dreams.

Newcastle Jets player Ben Kantarovski was a scholarship winner in 2006 before he captured the eye of development officers. He is now the youngest player to ever sign an A-League contract.