It looks like being a weekend of blustery onshores, with a rising swell but not the most favourable of conditions.

Today the swell is about 4 feet and lumpy but the forecast is for a spike to six to eight feet over the weekend.

The wind is forecast to blow from the south-east to east, so look to the really well-protected places like Byron Bay.

Marine weather:

  • Friday: S/SE 20/25 knots. Sea: 2/2.5 metres. Swell: S 1.5/2 metres increasing to 2.5 metres in far south during the evening.
  • Saturday: E/SE 18/23 knots decreasing to 13/18 knots later. Sea: 1.5/2.5 metres. Swell: S 2.5/3 metres decreasing to 2/2.5 metres.
  • Outlook Sunday: E/NE 5/15 knots.
  • Outlook Monday: NE 10/20 knots.