Bruce at Dave’s Bait Shop in Ballina says there are plenty of small bream in the lower river, along with flathead over in Mobbs Bay.

Up around Pimlico to Wardell there are flathead in deep water and some school jewfish.

Not much in the way of blackfish yet, which is lucky because there’s no weed available.

Offshore has been only fair during the week with not a great deal in close and some squire out on the 32-fathom reefs, along with pearl perch.

Tailor the main catch along the beaches.

Off Evans Head the snapper have been mostly small but not many have ventured too far out, mainly because it’s been a little rough.

Not much joy for the weekend with the swell and wind tipped to rise significantly.

Beaches have had a few tailor after dark but not much during the day and disappointing numbers of bream. Where are they? A few around the rocks along with school jew and tailor.

River has plenty of local bream but they’re quite shy in the clear water.