About Nimbin

Nimbin was originally formed in the 1840s by timber cutters, with the town gazetted in 1906. Since that time the town has thrived with bananas and dairy production.

In 1973 the town hosted the Aquarius Festival which was the dawning of the alternative culture which sets Nimbin apart these days. Nimbin is home to a number of festivals throughout the year.

Each year the town plays host to the Mardi Grass Festival, which was developed over time from a protest event to a community celebration.

The local community welcomes a number of backpackers throughout the year who add colour to an already colourful local community.

What’s on offer

Local cafes and restaurants offer unique food, sampling the local organic food.

Hemp embassy and museum

Many local communes and hippy communities

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Local attractions

Nimbin is close to Nightcap and Mt Jerusalem National Parks and enjoys amazing ecology, fauna and flora. Close to Nimbin is Nimbin Rocks and Blue Knob, rock formations caused through millions of years of erosion.

Nimbin is home to the hippie culture and this translates into a relxed atmosphere throughout the town, the town is home to Mardi Grass a movement to legalise marijuana.

Nimbin is home to the Bush Theatre, a  deck chair cinema.

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